Fragrances that make the difference

Fragrance is the fascinating result of creative imagination and scientific knowledge of the perfumer.

Choosing amongst myriads of natural and synthetic ingredients the right ones to compose an original fragrance for a specific product is an artistry that VIORYL’s perfumers excel at.

Our fragrances become the signatures of products all over the world, touching consumers’ emotions as well as reinforcing the product’s functional attributes.  

VIORYL closely monitors market trends in consumer products on an international level making sure that customers get winning fragrance solutions that are aligned with recent developments.

We design and supply fragrances for a wide range of products such as fine fragrances, beauty care (skin, hair & body), fabric care (detergents, softeners, laundry specialties), home care (surface cleaners and sanitizers, air fresheners, candles), insect repellents and fragranced plastic products.

Following the growing trend for ecological products and natural cosmetics, VIORYL has developed a wide range of environmentally friendly and natural fragrances with surprisingly successful olfactive results.