Consumer Products

Natural insect repellents

In 2012, after six years of research on natural repellent ingredients, VIORYL established the consumer products division destined to serve directly the retail market with the launch of its first insect repellent product under the brand Mosquit.

By the end of 2015 two other product lines were launched into the Greek market, namely the NatGuard line for mass distribution outlets and the premium Repelkito line for selected distribution (pharmacies and pet shops). The two lines include natural insect repellent products for people and pet animals.

Vioryl’s consumer products belong to the biocides category (Class 19 products  according to the European  Biocides Product Regulation (BPR) recently updated with Directive 334/2014 ) and have been registered for circulation  in the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Germany and France.

Our vision is to produce and distribute products which are safe, effective and easy to use at an affordable consumer price.

Our mission is to become in the coming years, a significant player in the natural protection category for both people and pet animals in the major European markets.

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